Please use the public car park a short distance away, which is clearly signposted throughout the village.

See the map below where 1 is the car/coach park, and 2 is the entrance to the Model Village.  None of the white roads are suitable for large vehicles.  There is no on-site parking at the Model Village.

The walk from the car park to the Model Village is only short but does involves a stretch of road with narrow pavement.

You have three walking routes from the car park to the main road:

  1. Our preferred (safest) route is shown with blue dots.  This passes through a playing field which could be muddy depending on recent weather.  Look for the footpath sign in the Old Smithy Car Park.
  2. The green (next-best) dotted route passes through a lovely shopping area called “The Old Smithy”.
  3. The third route is shown in red dots but should be avoided if possible due to the missing pavement section.