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The next time you’re looking for a fun family day out, make sure you come and visit us at the Godshill Model Village. Our Model Village is a 1/10th scale version of the village of Godshill and Shanklin Old Village and Chine, two of the oldest tourist areas on the Isle of Wight.   You can find all of our houses, cottages, churches and pubs in real life for a proper Gulliver experience!  Our models are fantastic replicas of these real buildings, made with sand and cement so they weather as they age. We even thatch them just like the real thing using authentic materials and methods.

We’d recommend that you allow an hour here to fully appreciate the details of the little scenes around the model houses.   On a sunny day you can join us for a cup of tea then wander around agin to catch the little details you missed first time.   So you could easily combine a visit to us with a leisurely wander around the real Godshill village and take a day here.

We pride ourselves on having the most detailed landscaped gardens on the Island with over 3,000 ornamental conifers and shrubs.   Attention to detail is key to everything we do.  Many of our trees are coarse bonsai treated to maintain their scale with the buildings…they really are amazing. It is called ‘coarse bonsai’ as they aren’t in pots – you really need to visit to see how manicured they are.  

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