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Isle of Wight Youth Trust

We are very proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Isle of Wight Youth Trust.

The Trust is a charitable independent and professional organisation offering counselling, advice, information and support services to children and young people on the Isle of Wight and, in some cases their parents or carers.

In the past year alone, over 700 children and young people have accessed the Isle of Wight Youth Trust’s 1:1 counselling service, that’s more than 1 in 50 children on the Island.  The Trust has also provided family counselling and specialist counselling support for young people facing drug and alcohol abuse. All services offered by the Youth Trust are delivered by an experienced and qualified team who follow the National Guidelines for Counselling, offering a fast, flexible and confidential service to young people who are experiencing difficulties.

The Youth Trust has been working on the Isle of Wight for over 30 years and, with the support of the local community has made a positive input to the wellbeing of people locally.



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